3SQUARE the series – out of the gate

We shot our first weekend and everything went swimmingly. Fist day we started early downtown Huntington Beach. Crew arrived around 8am (early for me anyway) and our actors arrived around 10AM (early for them) We had finished filming the first scene by 2pm.  That first story is about a boy and his leprechaun penis. It’s a touching story. Except for his girlfriend who refused to go anywhere near it let alone touch it.  After Lunch we moved upstairs into the naughty room (aka bedroom) to shoot ‘Tainted Mattress’. Which is a working title so any ideas please share. This one is about a young couple who must decide if by them moving in together is reason enough to buy a brand new bed. Cause sleeping and sexing it up on either one of their old beds just might be a bad way to start a new relationship. However, this whole argument, although funny makes no sense to my male mind.  I get it, but it’s not practical to either my pocket book or my brain. A bed is a bed… if it’s comfortable and still has a few years left in it.. use it! Unless, of course, it was HER bed… cause I don’t want those memories.  She brags enough about her South African Affair enough as it is… I don’t need to be sleeping on the memory too.  Never goes both ways does it?  

The following day we drove over to the city of ORANGE where we shot another episode on HOT YOGA. This one delivers stellar performances by all our cast. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped play the YOGA class. And got into the whole idea of throwing dead fish around the room. You guys were all so awesome to work with and you made it an exciting day!!!!


Look Forward to next time!!!

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