Another day another Vegan

3Square had another great day few days of filming April 30th and May 1st! It seems we took a brief hiatus but now we are back in full swing throwing punches! Last weekend we shot two episodes. First up was ‘Who Gets Ma?” Which poses the question of what do we do with our parents when they get to that tender age where they can’t take care of themselves? It’s the baby-boomer question as the country goes into it’s geriatric phase of life. Although this episode doesn’t answer the question of ‘what’s the best alternative to living alone’ the episode does point out the age old American way of life. “me first”. You see, here in America, we don’t typically take care of our aging parents. We typically find a nice senior home where we can shut our parents away so they don’t bother us. The Simpson’s handle this so effectively with Grandpa. In addition, as we get older, it’s a part of our own mind set that we don’t want to be a bother to our kids. I’ve heard people say, “I don’t want to be inconvenient to you as I get older” It’s a real dilemma! The thing is, most of our cultural understanding is really screwed up. We, as a country, don’t quite see the many many benefits of our senior citizens. And giving them jobs as greeters at Target is only the beginning. As all of us get older, we start to recognize that our youthful, egocentric point of views were largely just a lack of experience and stubborn stupidity… among other self indulgent cultural identity markers. So we took this idea and ran with it. “Who Get’s Ma?” is a story about three kids having to decide Who Get’s to take care of their aging mother? Watch and see who ends up with the short end of the stick. Will Ma’s kids ever embrace the opportunity to care for the woman who brought them life? Or will they live forever in their selfish ways?

Next up was Vegan/Muslim. This episode is about a mother and father who are ridiculously blind to the difference between a Vegan and a Muslim. Why? Who knows!? The story unfolds as such: Daughter calls from college and tells mom and dad that she is bringing a new boy home to meet the parents. Daughter say, ‘he’s Vegan’ so be respectful. Well.. Mom and Dad have no idea what a Vegan is… but they seem to watch the news. God only knows what channel they are watching (Maybe FOX) But not only do they not know what a Vegan is… Their extensive knowledge of what it means to be Muslim is also is question as STAR TREK seems to creep into their lexicon! What does it all mean? Who knows? Tune in to find out!

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